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Her name is Marlee Matlin, and she is the only deaf performer to win an academy award

As in the film

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Whats the deal with jerry seinfelds old tv girlfriends these days who played the deaf girl on seinfeld dating george

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Jerry takes George as the third wheel on a date with Laura, and they find out that Laura can eavesdrop on people by lipnbsp Season 5 episode 6.

Matlin plays a deaf woman

Chapter My favourite seamstress 5, but you marathoners? Add your comment to this story To join the conversation. Kramer Georges girlfriend Gwen breaks up with him, telling him its not you its me
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It is the sixth episode of the

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The Lip Reader - George, Jerry and Elaine sit amongst the crowd at New Girlfriend, Seinfeld, Medical School, Burns, Lips, Learning, Big Salad Played by Linda Kash Appears in The Lip Reader Gwen breaks up with George but its women like you woman turns around and notices him oh well, what are you deaf
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